8 Instagram Giveaway Ideas To Boost Your Brand

We recommend promoting giveaways on Instagram if you want your company to expand its online presence, have a greater influence on its followers, and become a true sales machine through social media but aren’t sure how to get there.

Instagram is a great platform to spread awareness of your business and build a loyal following, and the best approach to win over new consumers is to give them something they value—after all, who doesn’t want the chance to win free stuff?

In light of this, I propose that you move forward with an idea that will bring you closer to your audience and promote your business through increased interaction, publicity, reach, and traffic. More people will see your page, share it, engage with it, and remember it if you hold a giveaway.

Aim for it

To each end, there is a unique strategy. Is it your intention to increase participation? How can I grow my fan base? Raise the profile of the brand? foster content production and dissemination?

Prior to settling on a strategy for your giveaway, it’s vital that you have a firm grasp on your end goal(s).

The art of the giveaway

At this point, knowing who you’re trying to reach and what they’ll sacrifice is vital. In reality, you can’t know your goals without first identifying your target demographic. If you mess up this part, the giveaway will be useless.

Pick the reward

The award should always be something of interest to the target audience. The promise of financial gain is what will encourage individuals to take part, therefore picking a suitable reward is crucial.

When holding a competition, the reward must always reflect the “work” required to win. If there are several stages to the competition, the award should reflect that or the participants won’t bother.

Choose a product that you have created or that your brand has had an influence on, since giving away a product that isn’t yours can cause you to lose fans in the end. However, if you sketch one of your products, fans who are interested in it may be more likely to buy it in the future.

We’ll provide you with some ideas, including: a product from your company (a best-seller, a new release, a product you want to get rid of), a gift basket, a brand-related experience, loyalty points, a free membership to one of your services, a voucher (money or a percentage off), etc.

Limit yourself

You should specify how many people will win and what they will get in rewards. This is a crucial aspect of having well-defined regulations that everyone follows. There must be no rounding errors, whether the product is for five winners, one winner of three things, or a number of winners.

The due date must be specified precisely. It’s important to make it clear when the offer begins and ends, and if you want more people to participate, you may boost engagement by making it seem like time is of the essence.

Establish the terms and conditions for participation

Your giveaway’s instructions should be easy to understand and brief if possible. The article must clearly and concisely lay out all the guidelines for participation so that everyone can follow along.

Respect local regulations and Instagram’s own policies, and be clear about the boundaries. Now is the moment to make it very clear to whom the contest is addressed, how many times entrants may enter, and how they can enter the offer.

Pick a hashtag to promote your freebie

The giveaway’s hashtag is crucial for spreading the word and keeping track of submissions. The decision is easy: pick something that relates to your business and the gift you’re giving away. This hashtag needs to be original and distinct, so before you use it, make sure it hasn’t already been taken.

Hashtags of this length are an exception to the rule that lengthier hashtags should be short, basic phrases.

Determine who will win and how they will be notified.

The winning announcement is another critical factor. Be very clear about when the winner will be announced (on Instagram Stories, Feed, comments), how the winner will be notified (via e-mail, the post office, etc.), and how the prize will be delivered (via e-mail, the post office, etc.). This is the only way to ensure complete openness, win the trust of your audience, and keep them riveted to the screen while they anxiously await the outcome.

Start your promotion and give away

The promotional image you choose should entice people to enter the contest. Your messaging transcends mere descriptions to reveal all about your brand. Pick a captivating photo that stands out in the feed and catches the eye of the reader.

Remember that the point of the promotion is to attract new consumers, so keep that in mind while you search for the most effective means of spreading the word about your giveaway. As a result, you need to spread the word about your offer everywhere you can.

Think about the outcomes

It’s crucial to evaluate the results of each gift once it’s over. Is this the greatest approach for accomplishing your goals? Have you seen an uptick in followers, website traffic, etc. as a result of the giveaway?

To determine if the freebie was useful, you may look at how many people entered and commented on the contest, how engaged they were, how many people followed you, how many people visited the site, how many people made purchases, and what the feedback was like.