How To Build Following On Social Media As A Startups

You’ve got a great looking site, a fantastic offering, and an enthusiastic group of workers. but there is no evidence of any sort of social life. Because many individuals rely on social media as their primary source of information about a product, building a substantial social following is crucial to creating a credible offering.

Customers could be lost if your page is dormant, contains little material, or has a negligible fan base. Here are some of the best ways we’ve seen new brands increase their social media following:

Put Your Site’s Content And Email List To Use

If you’re just getting started with creating your social channels, the easiest fans to use are the ones who already like your company. The success of your brand’s debut, and the subsequent growth of your email list, should give you a solid footing from which to commence your social media efforts. Notify your mailing list by email that you’ve set up social media accounts.

To capitalise on this shared interest, offer a special discount for social media users only through your email newsletter. If you have an email list, you might let them know the discount amount and then have them go to your social media pages to get the discount code. Case in point: Save 30% Coupons are posted on our social media accounts; just look!

Promoting your social media networks on your website is another wonderful way to bring in new users from your existing client base. After you’ve finished setting up and optimising your channels, the first thing you should do is add social media buttons to your site’s header and footer.

A “We’re Now Social!” banner image can be used as a header for your website. Make sure your website makes it simple for visitors to spread the word about your business. To increase your brand’s exposure on social media, include share buttons to all of your product and content pages.

Conduct “Invite to Like” Campaigns

Facebook and Instagram interaction is more important than the number of people that follow you. Even if you have more than a hundred thousand followers, your posts will not be displayed if they aren’t getting any engagement. Thus, while you create your new social media profiles, it is important to have material that encourages user interaction in the forefront of your mind.

Content that engages users is different from promotional content in that it does not directly or indirectly sell a product or direct them to your website. Its sole purpose is to increase user activity on your page, which in turn increases the visibility of your promotional content.

The ideal method to employ audience growth through engagement-focused content is with a minimal boosted post budget. Even if you only spend $10 to improve engagement content, you may anticipate receiving more than 50 reactions. Those who have shown interest in your posts can be “Invited” to follow your page.

Establish Connections With Influencers

The use of Instagram stars as brand ambassadors has grown in importance over the past several years. Brands with a relatively new physical product to sell can benefit greatly from reaching out to influential users online.

It’s a cheap and simple strategy for expanding your brand’s reach and acquiring professional-grade imagery.

These people may introduce your company to their thousands of followers with only one photograph by tagging it in the photo and the caption. These high-resolution images will be sent to you, and you can use them in your online marketing and social media posts.

Aim for influencers with fewer than 50,000 followers. If you’re a tiny business, these micro-influencers are your best bet because they’re less likely to require payment in exchange for a sponsored post. They carry a lot more weight in the eyes of the public, which means they can give your brand the kind of respectability that larger influencers may lack.

Followers of similar accounts can be connected with and interacted with

It’s best to actively seek for the ideal social patrons for your site. Researching relevant keywords and accounts to follow is a laser-focused method for locating the most engaged and enthusiastic brand advocates. This strategy is most effective on social media where you can have more direct conversations with potential buyers, such as Instagram and Twitter.

We suggest utilising TweetDeck or another similar app to monitor brand-related hashtags and mentions on Twitter. You could, for instance, create a feed that includes any Tweets that contain the words “gluten-free” and “recipe” if you sell organic gluten-free food. Connect with folks who have expressed an interest in your product type and promote your business to them personally!

Similarly, you can increase your Instagram following by using this method. Consider what other companies or lifestyle accounts your target audience would be interested in.

Combine Forces With a Related Product Line

Working with influencers is one option, but another is to team up with a business that complements your own but already has a strong social media following. The vast majority of companies are eager and pleased to collaborate with another company when doing so would result in mutual benefits. Your reach will be smaller at first because you lack a fan base, but you can still offer a great incentive for your promotional partner. Both brands will benefit from the increased exposure that this strategy generates.

We recommend holding this giveaway on Instagram, where the sponsoring business can encourage its followers to tag two friends in the comments section (thereby increasing exposure to their brand) and to follow your account (thereby increasing your own) to be entered to win. The prize package should feature a variety of useful items from both brands.

Those that are interested in your partner’s items will likely be interested in yours as well. Companies that sell dog food and treats and those who create dog collars have a customer base but are not direct rivals.