A Look At 8 Strong Instagram Analytics Tools [With 15 Metrics To Monitor]

It takes a lot of work to maintain an Instagram account. You must have an intimate familiarity with your intended audience. Which types of stories do they like to read? I was wondering what time of day they were most active. Instagram’s analytics supply us with some information, but they don’t provide us with any profound understanding. This is why sophisticated Instagram analytics solutions are so useful. I’m going to show you the top ones now.

Instagram Insights is the name of the app’s data analysis feature. With Instagram’s recent shift back towards serving the needs of businesses, the analytics features provide a wealth of useful data.

Does Instagram provide any sort of free analytics?

Nevertheless, Instagram’s built-in analytics features are entirely free.

You may access Instagram Insights if you have a business account or if you’re one of the most active users on Instagram, which is generally the case for major influencers with a large fan base.

There are 15 Instagram metrics you should be monitoring.

If you use Instagram, you are probably aware of the best analytics tools available. But how should they be used? How can you tell what Instagram statistics are most important?

The solution is the measurements that matter most to your business and that directly correlate to your ROI objectives.

We’ve compiled a list of 15 indicators that we think are particularly important for you to keep an eye on:

  • The sum of all the Instagram accounts that have chosen to follow yours.
  • In social media parlance, this is the potential number of Instagram users who came upon your post.
  • How many times someone has looked at your Instagram profile.
  • Engagement on a post refers to the total number of reactions (likes, comments, and saves) a post receives.
  • How often your Instagram username or hashtags are mentioned in other social media posts.
  • Number of times your hashtags were mentioned by Instagram profiles.
  • The sex breakdown of your most avid fans.
  • A look at the age brackets.
  • Where your most ardent fans reside.
  • Time of day: peak times when your followers are most likely to be online.
  • Day(s): The most popular days your followers are most likely to be online.
  • What percentage of your video, IGTV, and Reels were seen.
  • How many people watched or interacted with your Instagram Story is the engagement.
  • The total number of Instagram profiles that saw your live broadcast.
  • Total number of Instagram profiles that have viewed your live broadcast.

Audience Metrics and Analysis on Instagram

Instagram provides demographic data via Insights. Brand24 provides free information that may be used to fine-tune your message’s focus.

You may use Instagram Insights to gather data like:

Demographics of our hourly active followers: gender, age, location, and activity

The sentiment analysis is displayed in the media tracking app.

Simply put, the goal of sentiment analysis is to ascertain the author’s opinion on a given service or good. Brand24 can tell the difference between negative, positive, and neutral feedback.

In terms of Instagram analytics, why is sentiment analysis so important?

Instagram’s built-in Insights feature may help you learn more about your followers, including demographic data like age, gender, location, and level of education.

How your followers feel about your goods will be revealed by Brand24.

I’m curious as to when it could come in handy. Examples of when Instagram’s sentiment analysis came in handy are:

  • Managing One’s Reputation
  • Reactions from the Consumers
  • Crisis avoidance

In the case of Instagram, you may learn more about how your posts are received by users by doing a sentiment analysis. Repeating the message if it’s received well will help solidify your status as an influential figure on Instagram.

You might assume that your material isn’t quite what your audience is seeking for if you keep getting negative or indifferent feedback from them. You need to rethink your approach if that’s the case. The end outcome should be improved participation rates.

Make Advantage Of Popular Hashtags

Instagram is largely responsible for the surge in popularity of hashtags; it’s difficult to picture a successful marketing campaign on the platform without using them.

Which hashtags, then, should be used to maximise exposure? You won’t be able to find this data in Instagram’s analytics. Instagram’s Explore feature allows for manual searching, but who has the time for that?

In order to boost your Instagram profile’s visibility, you can follow the advice in this video.

Using the keywords you provide, Brand24 will compile a list of the top 100 trending hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to expand your Instagram following and draw more attention to your company. Having a photo featured on Instagram’s Explore tab is a fantastic way to get more exposure for your account.

Follow the Success of Hashtags

The amount of mentions

Brand24’s dashboard will provide the total number of times your term was mentioned.

You can tell how many people have seen your hashtag by the number of mentions it has received. Your hashtag, event, campaign, or brand’s popularity may be measured.

If you monitor it over a long enough time frame, you’ll be able to anticipate seasonal spikes and dips in social media engagement and tailor your content accordingly.


According to many marketers, engagement is the single most crucial statistic for monitoring on all social media platforms. I don’t know if this is really essential for your social media efforts, but engagement rates will show you how well received your material is.

How many people engaged with your Instagram content (i.e., liked or commented on a post) may be determined by looking at the engagement metre. Your audience will have a stronger connection to your messaging if they actively engage with your postings by commenting and like them.