How To Use IGTV: A Ultimate Guide For Marketers

increase views for your Instagram TV

Instagram introduced the IGTV feature in June 2018. IGTV is a long-form video channel where people can access this standalone app through Instagram. IGTV provides an excellent opportunity for brands to create longer videos than typical Instagram posts and stories. Verified Instagram users can share up to one hour-long video on IGTV. Regular users can upload 10 minutes long videos, but it is longer than normal videos on Instagram. 

In 2019, Instagram allowed creators to share 1-minute previews of their IGTV videos on their main feeds to increase video discoverability. If you want to grab your audience’s attention without downloading any new app, providing teaser videos from IGTV helps to achieve it. Additionally, Instagram recently launched the IGTV series feature that encourages creators to make a regular series of videos released weekly or monthly. Get through the below article to find the pro tips for using IGTV to promote your business and boost engagement.

Tip 1: Use Exclusive Videos

Reshare your videos available on your Facebook, YouTube, or other platforms and upload them to your IGTV channel to increase reach. Though some people already know about your content, it creates a strong presence on the social media channels. By making your IGTV video more exclusive, you’ll have a great chance to build an engaged audience. 

Optimize your content for the first few seconds by sharing product reviews, tutorials, or other information about your business to increase your video engagement. Make your videos more authentic to increase views for Instagram TV and grab more user’s attention to your video. The greater views count on IGTV videos uplift your popularity by enhancing your reach to the greater level. So, it is best to add attractive cover images, gifs, memes, and other features to grab user attention for your IGTV videos. 

Tip 2: Engage With Your Audience

IGTV videos allow viewers to participate in leaving comments while watching videos. Commenting on IGTV videos provides an excellent opportunity for audiences to get individual attention from popular brands. Also, create engaging content that your audience loves to watch and encourage them to comment on something specific to your business. 

Tip 3: Add Hashtags

Hashtags are the best way to get your videos found on Instagram. Adding related hashtags in your video description will help you reach beyond your existing audience. With this, people might know about your brand and could have the potential to show interest in your products or services. 

Always use hashtags that describe your brands and services and keep them relevant for your brands to improve your business reach and exposure. Use 5 to 7 hashtags in each post to discover your target audience on Instagram. 

Tip 3: Share Behind The Scenes

Posting behind the scene videos is the perfect way to build transparency and trust with your potential audience. Give your audience a look at how our products are manufactured, packed, and delivered to the customers. It makes the audience trust your brand and lets them purchase your products or services. 

Sharing scenes behind your business will build a great connection between the audience and your organization. And brand trust is everything for marketing and sales on any social media channel. 

Tip 5: Cross Promote Your videos

When you upload a new video to your IGTV channel, it informs your followers on other social media platforms. Instead of asking people to download the app to watch your content, IGTV offers cross-promotion options. 

  • Share preview and IGTV video link from your Instagram stories(business or verified users only)
  • Post a 1-minute preview of your IGTV videos in feeds and boost the user to watch it on IGTV 
  • Share IGTV videos on your connected Facebook page.

The more you share your videos on other social channels, the more opportunities arrive to increase your video exposure. 

The Takeaway

Use IGTV to create fun and informative content to engage your audiences. With the long-form video feature, IGTV is one of the most powerful tools for businesses and marketers to grow their presence. I hope the points mentioned above will give you enough knowledge to skyrocket your business with the right Instagram marketing strategy.