Tutorial for Android and iOS: Including Music in Instagram Stories

Late in 2018, Instagram rolled out a new feature dubbed “Music Sticker” to a select group of users in a handful of countries. Subsequently in 2019, this photo and video sharing social media app in India included a slew of additional soundtracks, including Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, and Bollywood. After a three-year wait, Instagram’s music sticker function is now rolling out to users in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and North Africa. As a result, as of just this now, all Instagram users across the world may effortlessly incorporate music into their Instagram or Facebook Stories. Apps like Spotify, Shazam, and SoundCloud may be used to import songs directly.

The Instagram Stories feature is extremely popular, since it lets users share photographs and videos with a wide variety of instagram stickers, including those for adding gifs, locations, emojis, polls, Question and Answer stickers, and even background music. Here’s a brief and easy walkthrough of Instagram’s song lyrics function, in case you’ve been curious about how to utilise it.

Tutorial: Soundtrack Your Instagram Story

Start up the Instagram app on your Apple or Google smartphone.
To access Stories, swipe left from the feed’s main page. You can also start a new Story by tapping the addition sign (+) next to your profile photo in the upper left corner.
Now, either take a picture or record a video with Instagram’s built-in camera app, or select one from your device’s gallery.
Just throw in the appropriate filters, some text, and whatever else you feel would enhance your tale.
Now In order to select the Music sticker, swipe up.
When you tap the sticker, a full music library with sections like “For You” and “Browse” is loaded and displayed.
You may look for a specific song by typing its title into the search bar, or you can browse for songs by Genre, Mood, and Theme.
After deciding on a song, choose out the verse, chorus, or other relevant segment to incorporate into your narrative.
Instagram Stories support audio for up to 15 seconds.
If the selected music has lyrics, you may choose from six distinct layout options. If lyrics are not available, you have the option of displaying the song title and album art in a tiny text box.
To conclude, press the “Done” button. The song’s symbol may be resized and moved across the screen with the touch of a finger.
The last step is to publish your Story as usual.
The aforementioned instructions on how to add music to an Instagram story work flawlessly on both the Android and iOS versions of the programme.

Soundtrack Your Instagram Stories Using Spotify

To add music to your Instagram Story, launch the Spotify app on your iPhone or Android smartphone.
To share a music, go to Settings (the cog symbol), then the ellipsis (three dots), then Share.
Select “Instagram Stories” from the “Share” option.
The Instagram app will now prompt for permission through a pop-up window.
When posting the music as a narrative, select Your Tale or Send to -> Your story.
By clicking the “Play on Spotify” button, readers may also hear the song on the music streaming service.

Tips for Including SoundCloud Tracks in Your Instagram Story

To listen to sounds from across the world, fire up the SoundCloud app on your Android or iOS smartphone.
Find the track you wish to add to your tale and select the ellipsis button.
To add it to your Instagram story, click the Share button.
When you pick a song or album in the Soundcloud app, it will instantly be uploaded to Instagram.
To share your tale with the world, choose Your Story or send it to Send to -> Your story.
Once you’ve published your Instagram Story, a “Play on SoundCloud” button will appear at the top of the Story. This link will let everyone who visits your Story to hear the music.
Follow the same procedures we outlined for including music from Spotify and SoundCloud in an Instagram story, and you’ll be able to use the Shazam app to add music from those services as well.

Lyrics: How to Include Them in Your Instagram Story

There are six distinct methods in which you may showcase music on your Instagram story. Putting your tale to music is easy if you follow these guidelines.

Facebook’s Instagram app must be opened.
To upload a photo or video to the story, swipe left.
Activate the musical sticker by swiping up.
Listen to a song while reading the lyrics by clicking on the song’s name.
If you tap one of the four “A” icons, the lyrics will be formatted in one of four distinct ways.
Embellish your post using the song’s lyrics.
Instagram now lets users post music to their stories without having to provide the words by picking the album art instead.

My Instagram Music Highlights Are Not Playing

It’s quite unusual for Instagram’s music sticker function to stop operating. If your Instagram story isn’t loading, try this easy repair.

Install the most recent version of Instagram from the app store or Google Play.
In order to start fresh, please remove the programme and reinstall it.
Try switching from a personal to a creator account on your existing profile.
To listen to music on Instagram, connect to a VPN first.
For further information, you may get in touch with Instagram’s support staff.
Similar to the music sticker, additional sticker options for public Instagram profiles and business accounts will lead to a rise in story views. If you’re unfamiliar with Instagram and its music sticker capabilities, I hope you find this post extremely helpful.