When you should publish an Instagram photo or video to maximise its exposure using the Instagram algorithm?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all optimal time to post on Instagram; instead, it varies greatly among user bases.

Instagram accounts catering to teenagers will have different optimal posting times than those catering to mothers.
Understanding when your Instagram page’s followers are online and most active can help you choose the optimum time to publish. That’s how things are due to Instagram’s internal workings.

How to Optimize Your Instagram Posts for Maximum Reach?

Insights into Instagram’s Secret Sauce: the Algorithm

Instagram’s algorithm uses a number of factors to choose which posts to show in a user’s feed, but recency is one of the most crucial ones.

A post from today will often rank higher than a post from yesterday in Instagram’s algorithm.

Because of this, knowing when your followers are online is crucial.

Say, for example, that your audience is online at 4 PM every day.

By posting at 8 a.m., you give your followers seven hours to read the update before you can expect a significant percentage of them to be online themselves.

As a result, by the time your followers log on, your message will have been buried behind a mountain of other, more current content.

What you can do to discover when your target demographic is online?

Looking at your Instagram Insights is all it takes to find out when your followers are active.

You may see your Instagram analytics by tapping the three parallel lines in the page’s upper right corner.

In addition, you can click “View Insights” under any of your posts to get data about it.

Instagram Insights’ “Audience” section is buried towards the bottom of the page, so make sure you go all the way to the bottom before clicking on it.

Your most engaged followers may be seen not just on which days, but also at which specific times of day.

The solution is straightforward: just submit content when your fans are most likely to be online.

Explaining why it’s best to post when your audience is active online for maximum response rates

There will be more opportunities for engagement if your postings are seen by your target audience while they are online.

Because there are less posts in a follower’s feed when you submit a post closer to when they come online, or the “newer” your post is in Instagram’s view.

In general, the more recent your post is to a follower, the less likely it is that it will be pushed down in their feed by other, more recent posts. However, this can be affected by factors such as the amount of people a follower is following.

You increase the likelihood that a follower will notice your post by moving it closer to the top of their feed. Your post’s potential for interaction is proportional to the number of your followers who actually view it (because they can’t interact with what they can’t see).

Thus, if you want to increase the amount of interaction with your social media postings, it’s best to do it when your followers are online and most engaged.

But that’s not all.

Another criterion for the Instagram algorithm when determining which posts to prioritise in a user’s feed is the quality of the relationship between the user and the person(s) who posted the content.

Instagram will give more weight to the posts of those it determines to be your “closest relationships.”

You can see how close you are to someone on Instagram based on the amount of time you spend interacting with them.

For instance, if you consistently like a certain user’s posts, Instagram will give that users’ content more priority in your feed.

You’ll get more likes, comments, and follows on Instagram if you post when your fans are actually using the app.

More people will see your posts in their feeds and interact with them if you publish frequently.

As a result, there are two ways in which posting at the appropriate time increases engagement on your posts:

Improves the likelihood that your followers will notice your content and interact with you.
As a result of this boost in exposure, your followers will begin to interact with your posts more frequently, signalling to Instagram that it should display your content more prominently in your followers’ feeds.

Here’s why tweeting when your audience is most active can also help you get new followers

Instagram Insights’ recommended posting times are likely to be optimal not only for your current followers, but also for those who aren’t already following you but would be interested in your page.

You may greatly improve your chances of getting your posts seen by new followers if you know what hashtags your target audience is using and if you utilise Instagram Insights to assist you post when your target audience is online.
Although the exact method for having a post appear in the first results on the Top Post grid is unknown, the following three things are considered crucial by Instagram experts.

  • Date/time of publication
  • Scale of participation
  • Quickness of action

If one of your posts, especially one with a famous hashtag, gets selected as a Top Post, it will receive a lot of attention, bringing more people to both your post and your Instagram profile.

Using hashtags that are actively being used by your intended audience is essential.

How to do it:

Create a list of five relevant terms for your Instagram profile, and then look them up.
Click the “Tags” button and write down the most used hashtags from your search.
Browse these hashtags and the linked hashtags below them to find even more relevant hashtags.