Profiting from Your Company’s Social Media Presence

Revenue generation is the ultimate objective of any firm. Your social media posts are only one additional channel via which you might accomplish this.
If you want to transform your social media following into actual money, but don’t want to spend a fortune doing it, this post is for you.

Companies should not focus solely on increasing their number of followers. Even if you have a large social media following, it shouldn’t prevent you from making some money right now.
Although some may argue that the primary use of social media is communication rather than monetary gain, we know from experience that the potential for consumer involvement and attention is limitless with the correct content and strategy.
You may use social media to increase website traffic, produce unique, high-quality content, or sign up as an affiliate to promote the products of other companies to your audience.
With the addition of built-in storefront and marketplace features, Facebook and Instagram have made it even easier to monetize content.
Where do you even begin? Let me to have a peek.

Recognize the importance of video as the norm

Video will account for 82% of consumer IP traffic by 2020, says Cisco. Customers who watch product demonstration films are nearly twice as likely to make a buy as those who don’t.
According to the findings of a recent study by Sequent Partners, 65% of marketers believe that video will continue to rise in relevance for generating offline sales.
In terms of advertising, video is clearly the future. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that companies will need to adjust their strategies for utilising video. The usage of text and images will continue to be widespread, but we anticipate that they will serve more as side dishes to videos.

When it comes to return on investment (ROI), the following material is ideal:


A short interview with a recognised authority in your area may do wonders for establishing your credibility and reliability. Let them extol the virtues of your product and explain how it achieves its results.
Make use of the fact that people respect and pay attention to those in positions of authority and expertise.

Visual aids for learning

Customers are more inclined to buy your wares if they have a firm grasp of how they work. If you already have a dedicated fanbase on Instagram, getting them to watch your video on IGTV will be lot easier than getting them to watch on a separate website or app because of the tight integration between the two.

Cobble together a group of friends

The idea of belonging to a select group or club appeals to many people. Creating brand loyalists not only guarantees that they will be the first in line to buy what you’re selling, but also that they will spread the word about your business to their own fan bases.
Social evidence and recommendations like that are worth their weight in gold when it comes to advertising.
Followers will be more invested in you and your community if you provide them early access to your items through contests, giveaways, and other promotions.

Similarly, the use of time limits on special offers to a targeted audience might increase the likelihood of a purchase being made. Provide discounts, and your customers will tell anybody who might be interested. This will increase your exposure and bring in even more customers. Advocates for your brand will be the first in line to buy from you, and they won’t break the bank doing it.
Using social media-exclusive discounts and rewards is not only effective, but also straightforward to track. A campaign’s progress may be monitored, and followers can be quickly and readily rewarded.

Use the chat feature

People will want to get in touch with you once they have an interest in your business, goods, and group. If you run a very small business out of your house, you might be able to manage all of your customers’ chat requests on your own. But, for larger corporations, it will be practically difficult to keep up with the volume of inquiries.
Everyone adores quick messaging on social media and has grown to anticipate near instantaneous responses due to the increased interconnectedness of individuals in modern society.
Where should we go from here? Setting up a chat bot to handle the most basic queries is a terrific alternative to hiring and training a huge, dedicated customer care chat crew.
Anybody who messages will, at the absolute least, get a response and the promise of more contact. But be warned, the longer you wait, the more probable it is that those leads may become cold.

Takeaway: Each link in your social media network is crucial. Your content is what brings in readers, your community is what generates trust, and your customer service is what may set you apart from the competition.

Use social media to draw attention to your shop

If your clients are unwilling to click over to a separate website or download an app to make a purchase, you will need to bring the items to them by conducting business in the social media platform itself.

This capability is already built into social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram; you just need to activate it. Bigger firms have undoubtedly already started using this strategy; they load up their Instagram posts and Stories with information about their products, pictures of them, and a link to a shopping cart where the user can make a purchase with a single tap.
Adding a Facebook storefront is easy, and the storefront itself may link to products on Facebook or on the company’s website.