8 Effective Strategies To Gain More Likes On Instagram

When it comes to their social media strategy, most people are basically making educated guesses.

So they experiment with different strategies in the hopes of attracting more followers.

HOPE is not a sustainable strategy for corporate expansion.

Knowledge and doing things are what sustain them.

We don’t HOPE these 8 tips will work for you because we and countless other businesses have already shown their efficacy.

We are CONVINCED that they will serve you well, as they have served everyone else.

Increasing your Instagram likes and followers is a methodical process.

If you put these suggestions into practise, you will see a steady increase in your number of likes and followers.

Reasons why interaction and likes matter

Is it really so important to have a lot of “likes?”

Is it worthwhile to try to increase your number of Instagram followers and likes?


One of the first things people notice about your company is how active you are on social media.

They won’t be impressed if they find a dead website with only two or three likes per picture.

Instead, you want people checking out your Instagram to see activity and growth.

Getting more Instagram likes and followers can be the beginning of a virtuous cycle of advertising that helps your business thrive.
Increase your Instagram popularity with these 8 proven strategies

Now that you know why you should boost your Instagram Likes, we can go into the specifics of doing so.

Using these guidelines, you may boost the quality of your overall Instagram campaign and each individual post.

If you can put all 8 of these suggestions into practise regularly, you should see a significant increase in your Instagram followers and Likes.

As a follow-up to our discussion on how to maximise your Instagram likes, we’ll cover some common pitfalls that you should try to avoid.

(You wouldn’t want to undo all your hard work and have a bad reputation, would you?)

All right, I’m in!

Make use of hashtags

The quantity of hashtags used on an Instagram photo is highly correlated with its level of engagement.

Greater participation with more hashtags! That’s how easy it is!

There’s no need to limit yourself to just a few hashtags when Instagram permits up to 30 per image.

Although Instagram suggests using 3-5 hashtags each post, social media professionals encourage using many more.

Have a compelling call to action

Photos whose captions included the words “like” or “comment” attracted 89% more Likes and 2,194% more comments, respectively.
And no, you shouldn’t just end your caption with “Like, Comment.”

Use the caption as a prompt to read the rest of the post.

It takes more than that to boost engagement.

Also, encourage people to tag and share content.
Leaving a generic caption is the most efficient method of doing this.

Add a new line underneath it that reads “Comment your favourite [insert your post’s topic here]!”

Do not alter too much

Instagram photographs shouldn’t be over-edited.

We’ve all seen those unrecognisable Instagram photos that have been photoshopped to death.

In most cases, they succeed in getting your attention, but they fail to keep it.
Overly altered images, especially those with excessive colour saturation, are sometimes unpleasant to the eye.

It may be difficult to identify the subject of the photograph.

Minimal adjustments can help you avoid this blunder.

To achieve the most Likes, your photos should have a natural look.

Post visually “edgy” pictures

We don’t mean “edgy” in the conventional sense (you should generally avoid offensive “edgy” memes).

Images with many sharp corners are what we have in mind.

To improve your photographs, include as many edges and structures as possible.

This may sound like weird black magic, but it’s actually quite mundane. Images with more edges have been demonstrated to perform better in scientific studies.

Choose appropriate hues

Did you aware that some colour schemes seem to do better on Instagram than others?

Keep away from shades like yellow, orange, and pink.

The most popular Instagram photos are those that feature cool greys, blues, and greens.
Why this occurs is anyone’s guess, but it does.

A little bit of pink in your photo won’t destroy it.

However, if you want more likes on Instagram, you should choose bluer photographs.

keep pictures well-lit

Consequently, dim photos on Instagram won’t attract many viewers. In general, more people will appreciate a brighter photo than a darker one.

Brightening it up in an editing app may help if your photo is too dim.

You’ll attract more attention and support with a more positive public persona.

This picture, for instance, is far too dim.

Put in some faces

Instagram users who only post photos of themselves in the morning need to rethink their approach.

People enjoy being with other people. People are 38% more likely to click the “Like” button on a photo shared online if it features people, according to research.
Human faces are as appealing as pictures of your pet hamster, Fido.

Based on these findings, your Instagram strategy should feature more than simply your own face.

Include Instagram links on your webpages

It’s common to discuss driving traffic to your website from social media, but the process also works in reverse.

You should also encourage site visitors to follow you on social media.

Having someone follow you on a social networking platform is the first step in developing a lasting relationship with them.

That is to say, people are more likely to revisit your site in the future.